The "Shaft" TV Series

Produced by: CBS / MGM

Length/Episodes: 7 episodes, 75 minutes each

Original Airdates: 9 October, 1973 to 19 February, 1974


Series Production Credits


William Read Woodfield

Executive Producer

Allan Balter


Johnny Pate

Theme Music

Isaac Hayes

Developed for television by William Read Woodfield and Allan Balter

Based on the character created by Ernest Tidyman


Regular Cast

John Shaft

Richard Roundtree

Lt Al Rossi

Ed Barth



The series ran as part of The New CBS Tuesday Night Movies in a 90-minute timeslot. It was rotated with the series Hawkins that starred James Stewart. The character of Shaft had to be toned down quite a bit for TV, but the odd flash of Roundtree's tougher movie portrayal came through every so often. In my view the best episodes were The Killing and The Kidnapping. The series was well made, although largely formulaic, and retained the Isaac Hayes theme from the original movie.



The episodes are listed in order of transmission. I believe the actual shooting order was: The Kidnapping, Cop Killer, The Enforcers, Hit-Run, The Killing, The Capricorn Murders, Murder Machine. An interesting side note is that The Kidnapping featured a reprise of the helicopter chase from the end of Shaft's Big Score!

The Enforcers
The Killing
The Kidnapping
Cop Killer
The Capricorn Murders
The Murder Machine

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